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Information for Nude “freelance shoot” Models:

The information is for models coming to shoot with me for a PPV fetish or a fine art nude shoot, most of it is not applicable for my non-fetish/art nude models.


I usually pay part of the modeling fee by check as this provides proof of payment when cashed, but I also pay at least a minimum of the travel and food costs by cash. If the model wants to be paid in all cash, the model will have to sign a receipt for the full amount when received. On a typical $300 shoot; $100 will be in cash, $200 by check. Except by prior agreement I pay at the end of the modeling session.

Model Release:

The model will be expected to sign the model release in my presence before any photography begins and a picture will be taken of the model holding the signed release and at least one ID card with picture and birth date showing. Models should review my Standard Model Release before coming to the shoot, if they have any issues with it, please contact me before hand as I am usually willing to make reasonable changes if needed, although for a PPV shoot, it will be rare.

My standard release can be found at:


 I have no problems with escorts being present as long as they are over 18 years of age, especially given the nature of these shoots; however I expect the model to be responsible for the escort and may ask the escort to help out with the set or the model, but not to be in the pictures.

If the escort is a problem, I will first ask them to go wait in the guest room and then the car and if still a problem I will ask the model to leave at that point with only partial payment proportional to the amount of the fetish part of the shoot completed. Please note, that to date the two occasions there have been problems with escorts, the models asked the escorts to go sit in the car, long before I would have asked them to sit in the guest room.


Models must bring two forms of ID, one must be a government issued ID such as driver’s license or passport with a picture of the model on it. Both forms of identification must have birth date. One of the identifications must have valid mailing address (this will be kept on file and provided only as needed to satisfy U.S. Title 18, Chapter 2257 regulations). All information must be current as of the time of the shoot. If using military issued ID, please remind me to get the backside with the birth date on it. The recommended IDs are usually Driver's License or Passport.

The shot of the model holding her ID and the model release will be distributed with the set to my wholesale distributors and to any US-based retail web sites that buy the set. This documentation is not supposed to be made available to end users, but I do not have control of it at that point. Without the ID I can't sell the set and thus there is no point to my paying the model. This is standard practice for these kinds of shoots because of Federal Law Enforcement Guidance.

Location of Home Studio:

324 57th St.
Newport News, VA 23607
(757) 247-0016


What To Bring:

Unless instructed otherwise models will be expected to do their own makeup and hair. Although I sometimes have an assistant that can help with those items, they are not always available. I do have an emergency makeup kit on hand, but the selection is limited. I am trying more often to have a Makeup Artist on hand for at least the first look, but it depends on her schedule.

For PPV shoots I am always partial to the models bringing corsets, boots, high-heel shoes and other fetish wear. My usual minimum is plain white, black or flesh colored panties or bikini bottom as one of these will go well with some of my costumes. I almost always start the model off clothed in some fashion.

I also recommend bringing a robe, since there may be a few 5-minute periods while changing set or adjusting camera/lighting. This is most useful if more then one model will be present at the shoot. If we happen to be doing a location shoot, then I recommend the rope as being considered mandatory.

Fetish model Limitation:

The following are questions I ask of all models who have agreed to do a nude fetish rope bondage shoot with me. The questions are to minimize any later misunderstandings and I always review the answers the morning of the shoot so they are fresh in my mind.

1. Any problems with gags (ball, rope, bit, cloth)?

2.  How do you feel about suspension?

3. Any problems with blindfolds

4. Any problems working with other female models (not scheduled at this time, but sometimes targets of opportunity pop up)

5. Any medical problems, such as problems with shoulders or other joints?

6. And how much experience do you have doing bondage modeling or in real life?

7. Any problems with Jute Rope (similar to Hemp - but I am allergic to hemp)? I use nylon by default.

8. without charging me extra do you mind if I have a video camera running in the studio while we are shooting?

9. And what are you not willing to show, do?

If you have any other questions, I will be happy to answer them.


Title 18 Chapter 2257 Requirements

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