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: Savannah
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These are samples of a 3D sets. Visiters may download the images for personal use only. they may not be distributed further without written permission from Longwatcher (AKA Tim Dolan).

The MPO format all checked out with my Nvidia 3D glasses, I was not able to verify the anagylph versions at this time.

The JPS format (JPS=Jpeg Stereo) is an alternative to MPO. It may work if the MPO format doesn't.

Title 2D version
Left Image
Polarized Stereo Pair
in MPO format
Side-by-Side Stereo Pair in JPS Format Anaglyph version
Savannah Hanging Around     Savannah hanging around  
Savannah in Dress     Savannah In Dress 01  
Savannah for Dessert     Savannah for Dessert  

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